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Latest Release: 0.1.3 - date:2012-03-11

Cyclone is a music application for GNU/Linux that allows users to manipulate loops in various ways. It works with professional audio formats like .wav .aif .flac, and professional audio environment (Jack Audio Connection Kit).

Now it's in early stage of development; the goal is to make a professional audio application for GNU/Linux that can compete with Ableton Live in loop handling power. Of course, Cyclone will remain a light application itself, to ensure the possibility to use it on realtime Jack environments.

It's MIDI controllable, a lot of functions can be assigned and controlled through Midi Learn. Furthermore it can command the famous loopstation for GNU/Linux, Sooperlooper, starting/stopping record and overdub functions.

To start playing loops, simply drag & drop loops into Cyclone, and start looping clicking on one of the play buttons on the interface.

After loading some loops, it's possible to run them by clicking their own play button, or using the play button on the transport buttons group. A lot of functions can be controlled by keyboard or midi. In order to assign a function to a midi command (such a note played into a midi keyboard), right-click over the function you want to assign to.

Transport Buttons on bottom serve as global control of the loop process. With these buttons you can play/pause/stop looping, go to the next/previous loop or to the first/last loop. The smaller buttons placed on bottom and on right of the music table are tools to organize loops/sessions.

Each loop can be set to have different behaviour. Options are:
  1. Name of the loop
  2. Sooperlooper Trigger Mode
  3. End Mode
  4. Volume
For any question or information, please visit the forum.

Enjoy it!

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